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This application will take approximately thirty (30) minutes to complete. You must complete the entire application at one time, you will not be able to save it for editing later.


All applicants for membership are required to complete the online JCBVFD Application for Volunteer Membership. All information requested is required at the time of application. All applicants should complete the form, and then submit it online. Once submitted, the application will be forwarded to the James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Department Membership Committee for review. Shortly thereafter, you will be contacted regarding the next step in becoming a member.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to save any information entered into this application form. You MUST complete the application in its entirety at one time and then submit it.

If you require assistance, or have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact JCBVFD by email at Thank you!

1. Complete on Online Application for Membership using this form.

2. Your application will be reviewed by the JCBVFD Membership Committee.

3. You will be contacted by a member of the JCBVFD Membership Committee to schedule an Interview.

4. Based on the results of the interview, background checks, and space availability, you will be offered membership into the Department, and will begin your initial training!


ACTIVE- All applicants over the age of eighteen (18) are eligible for Active Membership. Active members directly participate in emergency fire and rescue operations, and are given all required training. Active Members must also meet certain attendance requirements as determined by the Board of Directors.

STUDENT- All applicants under the age of eighteen (18), applicants who have not graduated high school, and full or part-time college students may elect to be Student Members. Student Members may be held exempt from some attendance requirements should their school activities conflict.

*** All Student Members under the age of eighteen (18) must also submit additional paperwork signed by a parent or legal guardian. This will be discussed during your interview. Members under the age of eighteen (18) also have significant operational limitations which are designed to minimize their risk exposure.

ASSOCIATE- Associate Membership is for those applicants who are not interested in directly participating in any emergency fire-rescue activities, but are interested in assisting the Department with fundraising, and community events. Associate Members do not receive any fire or EMS training, but enjoy all the same benefits of membership as Active Members.

For any additional question or concerns please contact Firefighter Herrington by email at

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